Proven Leadership Why the US Military Recognizes Eagle Scouts with Higher Ranks


Do Eagle Scouts get higher rank for their contributions when they join the U.S. military? In addition to excelling in leadership and academics, many members of the Boy Scouts of America have attained the prestigious distinction of Eagle Scout. So, does that rank further open up opportunities or lead to greater respect when they enter military service? In this article, we explore the impact of earning the rank of Eagle Scout in the U.S. military, as well as the other advantages that come with the distinction of becoming an Eagle Scout.

An Overview of Eagle Scout Rank

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is the highest achievement attainable within the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It requires a dedicated commitment to completing several ranks, earning meaningful achievements and demonstrating a strong sense of leadership. It may come as no surprise that individuals who have gone through the grueling process of becoming an Eagle Scout are strong contenders when it comes to landing positions within the U.S. military.

Advantages of Being an Eagle Scout in the U.S. Military

When it comes to the question of whether Eagle Scouts get higher rank in the military, the answer is yes! Many U.S. branches of the military offer promotion opportunities for Eagle Scouts. This could mean a starting rank that is higher than others, such as the Navy assigning an Eagle Scout a starting rank of Second or First Class Petty Officer.

In addition to higher rank, other opportunities can be made available to Eagle Scouts in the military, such as assignments in specialized departments or even mentorship of others who have just joined the service.

Serving in the military is a great opportunity to expand knowledge and hone skills in a specific field. Eagle Scouts bring strong leadership abilities to the table that can be further developed in the military, and standing out from other candidates never hurts. Having attained the rank of Eagle Scout can be a valuable addition to a resume.

There are several scholarships designed specifically for soldiers and military personnel. Many of these have stipulations requiring that the applicant be an Eagle Scout, such as the Strake Foundation Bear Patrol Scholarship.

Several branches of the military offer enrichment programs that can open up higher positions and greater opportunities. Those who are Eagle Scouts may have more access to such programs than those who are not.

Part of the task of becoming an Eagle Scout is teaching skills to others. This is a valuable experience that can be put to the test in the military as well. An Eagle Scout can be called upon to provide mentorship and guidance to those who are just entering the military.

It should not be overlooked that, like the Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts in the military can look forward to the camaraderie and strong bond of friendships that accompany life in service of their country.

Brief Recap

For individuals who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout, joining the military can bring with it the benefits of a higher rank, additional opportunities, enhanced resumes, military scholarships, leadership development programs, and mentorship opportunities in addition to the camaraderie that comes with being part of a service-minded community.

Looking Ahead

For those considering joining the military as well as those already in service, the advantages of being an Eagle Scout are considerable. Those who have yet to attain the rank of Eagle Scout should weigh the advantages of making the commitment to earning the rank prior to entering the military, as doing so could be highly beneficial.