BUNDLE –  Regular price: $610 


  • 2.5 second update rate
  • preloaded mapping
  • blaze orange visibility
  • with T5 collars, track up to 20 dogs up to 9 miles



The Astro 430 GPS handheld unit comes preloaded with a worldwide basemap, microSD slot and support for topos and other mapping add-ons.  Standard and extended range antennas, charge clip, AC adapter, vehicle power cable, USB, instruction manual. Load your laptop with BaseStation software to turn it into a field control center and view real-time GPS info. The Astro 430 can be used as a GPS dog tracker as well, bundled with a Garmin Astro T5 tracking dog collar.

garmin devices

We have the best Garmin Shop so far, we ship world wide. Garmin finalized the acquisition of UPS Aviation Technologies, Inc., Garmin Astro320/dc40,
a subsidiary of United Parcel Service, Inc., based in Salem, Oregon, in August 2003, broadening its product portfolio of panel-mounted GPS/NAV/COMM devices and integrated cockpit systems for private and commercial aircraft. Garmin AT, Inc. was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin International, Inc. The acquired firm changed its name to Garmin AT, ALPHA 200|T5 BUNDLE,
Inc. and continued operations as a totally owned subsidiary of Garmin International, Inc.
Dynastream Innovations, EME Tec Sat SAS (EME), and Digital Cyclone have all been bought by Garmin. Dynastream, based in Cochrane, Alberta, manufactures personal monitoring technology (ANT+), which includes foot pods and heart rate monitors for sports and fitness products, as well as ultra-low-power and low-cost wireless networking devices for a variety of uses (ANT). Garmin Watches
 Garmin’s consumer goods are distributed in France by EME Tec Sat SAS, which changed its name to Garmin France SAS after the acquisition. Digital Cyclone Inc (DCI), based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, offers customers, pilots, and outdoor enthusiasts mobile weather solutions[buzzword]. Garmin also acquired Nautamatic Marine Systems, an Oregon-based manufacturer of boat autopilot systems. Garmin completed its acquisition of Navigon, a German satellite navigation business, in July 2011.
Garmin unveiled a new corporate logo and launched its first retail location in Chicago, Illinois, on Michigan Avenue in 2006.
Garmin purchased iKubu Ltd. Garmin Alpha200i/t5,
of South Africa in 2015 for its Backtracker on-bicycle low-power radar device. In 2018, it was revealed that the Garmin subsidiary Navionics’ MongoDB database was not password-protected, exposing hundreds of thousands of client records.
Tacx, a privately held Dutch firm that creates and manufactures indoor bike trainers, equipment and accessories, as well as indoor training software and applications, was bought by Garmin in 2019.
AeroData, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company that supplies airplane performance software to over 135 airlines worldwide, was acquired by Garmin in 2021. The AeroData brand will continue to be used by the corporation. garmin for sale, Buy garmin, ALPHA 200, Garmin gps, garmin GPS trackers, Dc 40 collars, T5 collars
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  • hunt metrics dog performance data
  • receive notifications when dogs is “treed” or “on point”
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