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    This was one of the 1st stores me and my husband went to as we relocated from one side of the US to the other. The staff is so friendly and very willing to help to answer any questions. Great place for people who are just starting out hunting and need that one-on-one with the staff. They keep me coming back with their killer prices and quality product. I always come back, every day day. See y’all soon.
    NICOLE Charleston / South Carolina
    My favorite place in the valley to buy garmin watche! They got great specials from time to time, super friendly staff, knowledgeable and the set up is awesome… you can browse at your leisure looking at all the different types of garmin watches and I love how they put them in categories like “garmin watch and hunting garmin devices” or “garmin devices”.
    RICHARD Chicago / Chicago, Illinois
    It took a while to settle on a particular garmin shop. I went to most to get a feel for the best place to go. I have settled on Real garmin Store. There are several reasons for this: Great service, Well Educated Staff (who actually help you) Huge Selection Well Rounded Product Line Most Importantly management. Always professional, product always available, and the advice is consistently accurate.
    MICHAEL / Denver, Colorado