5 Proven Tips To Rank Higher on Airbnb and Increase Bookings

How to Rank Higher on Airbnb

Staying ahead of the competition on Airbnb is becoming harder and harder, since the platform is now more straightforward and easier-to-use than ever before. Whether you're a host looking to maximize your bookings or a traveler looking for the best-value listings, understanding the Airbnb ranking algorithm and our tips below can help you outrank the competition.

Airbnb is the world's largest online marketplace for short-term rentals - with over 6 million listings in 81,000 cities, according to Statista. Airbnb's core features are quick, reliable booking with instant accommodation confirmed online. Hosts and travelers can review and rate each other, adding a layer of trust, and Airbnb's award-winning payment system ensures secure payments.

The fact that rentals on Airbnb are not only limited to rooms but entire homes allows travelers to immerse in local cultures and enjoy more personalized services than most hotels. Airbnb has much cheaper rates compared to hotels, plus guests can access a wide selection of accommodations such as entire apartments, villas, or even castles!


  • Wide selection of unique accommodations
  • Often cheaper than hotels
  • Secure payment system
  • Great customer service


  • No loyalty program
  • Can be expensive during peak seasons
  • No guarantee of quality or cleanliness
  • No in-person check-in

Pacific Wisteria is an Airbnb host in San Diego, California. In just one year, they have listed several high-end properties on the platform and have successfully made over $250,000 in revenue. According to the hosts, Airbnb has allowed us to leverage our property portfolio so we can make more money. And really, that's what it's all about.

The SoloTraveler is a solo female traveler who uses Airbnb to experience local cultures without breaking the bank. According to The SoloTraveler, Using Airbnb is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I get to experience the culture of the country I'm in through the eyes of a local, something you can't get with a hotel. Plus, I can save money by sharing accommodations with others and still get a great quality stay.

The Earthrise Retreat Center in Boone, NC has managed to leverage the Airbnb platform to generate additional income for their retreat center. According to the hosts, We've been using Airbnb for a few years now and it's allowed us to get more people through our doors and build our reputation in the area. We've had over 50% occupancy for our rooms each month since we joined the platform.

A: Becoming a successful AirBnB host is possible, but it takes hard work and dedication. First, make sure to carefully research the market in your area to determine pricing and competition. Then choose the type of rental you wish to offer and create attractive listings with detailed descriptions and photos. Finally, work on promoting your listing on other platforms to get more exposure.

A: Common mistakes Airbnb hosts make include:

  • Not researching the competition in their area
  • Not having high-quality photos of their rental
  • Not having clear rules in place for their guests
  • Not being responsive to their guests' inquiries
  • Not offering additional amenities and services to make their listing stand out

Creating attractive listings is one of the key factors in getting your listing to stand out from the competition on Airbnb. Photos should be of high-quality and show off your listing's unique features. Also, make sure to include detailed descriptions and reviews from past guests, as this will help potential guests understand what they can expect from your rental.

Optimizing your listing for keywords is important if you want it to rank higher in Airbnb's search engine. This means using the right phrases and words in your listing title and description. Use what you know about your target guests to identify the keywords they might be using in their searches and incorporate these into your listing.

Enabling instant bookings is another way to rank higher on Airbnb. Airbnb's algorithm rewards listings that have instant bookings enabled, since instant bookings are seen as reliable and trustworthy. As a result, listings with instant bookings enabled are more likely to appear higher in search rankings.

Responding promptly to inquiries is important for ranking higher in Airbnb's search engine. Airbnb's algorithm takes into account how quickly hosts reply to their guests' inquiries - and rewards those who respond quickly with higher rankings. Try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours to ensure your listing is ranked higher.

Being active on the platform is essential if you want to rank higher on Airbnb. As a host, this involves frequently updating your listing, engaging with potential guests, and responding promptly to inquiries and reviews. As a traveler, this means being active on the platform by leaving reviews and interacting with host communities.

Ranking higher on Airbnb can be a challenge, but it can be achieved with a little bit of effort. By understanding the Airbnb ranking algorithm, creating attractive listings, optimizing for keywords, enabling instant bookings, responding promptly to inquiries, and being active on the platform, you will be able to outrank the competition and experience success on the Airbnb platform.