10 Tips to Help You Rank Higher on Google My Business and Drive More Traffic to Your Website


Google My Business is a great tool for business owners to take advantage of Google's immense reach and ability to offer advice for potential customers. It is important to have an optimized Google My Business page, as it can help you rank higher on Google search engines and be easily accessible in the local searches. To rank higher on GMB, there are a few topics that a business owner must consider to get the most out of GMB. We will look at 8-12 relevant topics for business owners to think of in order to improve their GMB rankings.

Categorical Representation

When first setting up on GMB, it is important to choose the correct categories that correctly represent your business. This allows potential customers to easily relate your business to the given category and reduces the click to your GMB page. It is important to make sure you are listing the correct categories so that your business can be easily found.

NAP Consistency

It is important to make sure that the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) listed on the GMB page is consistent with all other online listings. This means that if your business changes address or phone number, it is important to consistently update all listings and GMB to ensure potential customers do not land on outdated information.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are an important part of the GMB page. This allows potential customers to get a glimpse of the business and setting. This could also refer to menus, products, and anything else that may help portray the business in its best light.

Reviews and Comments

Encouraging customers to leave reviews and comments on the GMB page will help other customers make more informed decisions. Google takes customer reviews and comments into account when ranking, thus adding up to the optimization of the GMB page.

Posting and Sharing

It is important to post regularly and ask customers to share the posts on their personal accounts. This will help spread the word about your business and get more online reach.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is key for any business and GMB is no different. It is important to respond to customer feedback, reviews, and comments to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Business owners should also keep track of all online reputation activity, as this can help optimize GMB rankings.


Engaging with potential customers via GMB provides customers with better customer service, which in turn helps your GMB visits and REACH. Business owners should also make an effort to create meaningful connections with customers and not just an automated message.

Query Answering

It is important to answer queries that potential customers may have about the business. This can be done either through answering questions on the GMB page or directly responding to customer questions/comments.

Local SEO

Optimizing the GMB page for Local SEO is essential as good SEO strategies can bring more customers to the GMB page which can lead to more visits and potentially customers.


Google My Business offers a great way for a business to increase its reach and to be found in the local searches. To make sure the GMB page is the best it can be, business owners should bear in mind the topics listed above. From adding the correct categories, ensuring the NAP is consistent, adding photos and videos, encouraging reviews and comments, having an active social presence, managing reputation, engaging with customers, query answering, and optimizing for Local SEO, these are all key pillars that can help if implemented correctly and with the right strategy.